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At Envisor, we believe there are 8 key things every business needs to do right in order to reach its dreams. These include:

  1. Decide where you are going and how you will get there.
  2. Create a culture that promotes and rewards the values that will lead to success.
  3. Sell More Work- Develop Sales Plans and Strategies for each service line.
  4. Develop a winning team.
  5. Develop and document operating systems that enable ordinary people to perform at an extraordinary level.
  6. Collect and communicate performance on a real time basis.
  7. Develop and measure key financial metrics.
  8. Execute, execute, execute!

Every landscape company is unique, and every company owner has their own unique set of challenges. So we first work with you to understand your organization, your vision, and those challenges.

Core Business Analysis

It’s not just about the financials. Developing a successful landscaping business model means nailing down the brand, culture, and systems that make growth possible.

We dig in by joining you in the field, interviewing your people, and reviewing your business and production systems. In each key area we will work with you and or your team to determine the company’s level of expertise and opportunities for improvement. Once we have the lay of the land, we work together to target an engagement that fits your needs and budget.

Change is not easy! Envisor stays with you to ensure that you and your team are successful.