business consulting offerings


Though every engagement is unique, we have been able to identify some of the most critical areas that can help you move your business forward.

20/20 Vision Challenge

Your vision is your picture of success in business and in life. At Envisor, we will work with you to identify what success looks like in today’s economy and help you build a strategy to achieve it. It takes hard work and focus to grow a business, especially in this economy. We understand the daily challenges of running and growing a thriving business, but without a roadmap, your destination may never come into sight.

Estimating and Sales Success
Many times financial performance issues can be tied back to a your sales and estimating philosophy and process. We work with you to help them understand “cost-based estimating,” then show you and your team how to negotiate on gross margin rather than on gut. From a sales perspective, we help you to develop a clear and detailed sales plan that can be implemented with you and your team.

Financial and KPI’s
Financial information and key performance indicators (KPI’s) are the keys to knowing if you are winning or losing in business. We work to help you to understand the basic financial data that is critical to the success of your organization and to put the most important KPI’s in place so you and your team know the score.

Lean-in/Finish First

How would you feel if you could save 10% on labor by increasing production efficiency in the field and ensure quality and customer satisfaction at the same time? Envisor’s lean-in program could be the perfect fit for your company. 
Our lean-in program embeds the best thinking, strategies, and tools from lean expertise into the best of your culture. Lean concepts can be employed to focus your team on what matters most to your customers and eliminate waste. The results are lower costs, better efficiencies, and improved bottom line.

SOS for Success-Standard Operating Procedure

If you feel like the harder you work the more complicated things get, you probably are in need of a more process oriented approach. Good systems create predictable outcomes and good systems are composed of strong processes. Envisor will share our years of experience in the area of best practices and standard operating procedures and make recommendations for streamlining your operations for greater efficiency, ease of training, and higher profit margins. Ken works with each company to identify the process gaps and develop and implement SOP’s that will allow good people to perform at extraordinary levels.

Executive Mentoring Program

At some point every company reaches a point where they need help getting to the next level. Change is tough and even great teams need help navigating through the complicated stages of business growth. The Envisor Executive Mentoring Program is a 24 month relationship where Ken and his team come along side business owners to offer guidance in leadership effectiveness, strategic planning, change management, and process development. The end result is a more mature company built on strong processes and designed around a clear set of guiding principles.

Presentations and Workshops
Ken Thomas and Ben Gandy offer a variety of speaking presentations and educational workshops for business and trade organizations. Please see our speaking and workshops page on this website.