landscaping path, plants and walkway


We’re not just a couple of consulting suits, but guys with decades of real world experience managing:

  • Landscape architecture and design
  • Installation of hardscapes and plantings
  • Landscape upgrades
  • Landscape maintenance programs
  • Irrigation design, installation, and water management
  • Contractor accountability/management
  • Long-term strategic planning and budgeting

We understand your challenges, and we have realistic ideas of how to help you get the most value out of every landscape dollar you invest.

Every property is unique and every property manager has his or her own set of challenges. So first we work with you to understand your property, your vision, and your challenges by assessing the 5 key areas:

  1. The general condition of the landscape.
  2. The functional and aesthetic relevance of the current design.
  3. The service scope and effectiveness of your landscape maintenance provider.
  4. Green and sustainable practices.
  5. Your landscape budget and where you can potentially save or gain more value.