A Familiar Story

I understand that building and growing a successful landscaping business is hard work. I started my first business with only $1,000 and an old pickup truck. Sound familiar?

I made lots of mistakes along the way, but with lots of hard work and the application of some key business fundamentals my team and I built a market leading business which was acquired by Landcare when I was just 39 years old. I continued in the landscape industry by acquiring Scapes Landscape in Atlanta which we grew to $17milliion and sold to ValleyCrest Landscape in 2007 where I served in sales leadership until I started Envisor Consulting. It’s been a fun ride!

Through all the successes and mistakes, I’ve learned first-hand the keys to growing a successful landscaping business that provides the excitement and quality of life you imagined when you first started on your own.

My good friend and industry expert, Ben Gandy, and I created Envisor Consulting with a mission of helping business owners like yourself get “unstuck” and breakthrough to new levels of growth, profitability, and industry respect.

Our Green Dot Operating System is a collection of best practices that provides a proven framework that will push your business to the next level like you deserve.

Ready for a breakthrough? Let us help you! Schedule a complimentary consultation today.

~ Ken Thomas, co-founder Envisor Consulting


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