6 components of change management

November 15, 2019 | By Ken Thomas As landscape industry consultants, my team and I are typically engaged for a few reasons. Either clients are having trouble breaking through some growth barrier, not making enough money or just not having any fun. Sometimes all three. At Envisor, we’re always looking for the root cause to … Continued

Tips to improve your financial literacy

August 15, 2019 –  By Ben Gandy | In sports, halftime is a great time to review the first-half results and make any adjustments to the game plan to finish strong in the second half. The coaching staff pulls the first-half score and all of the statistics (numbers) that contributed to it and lays out the story … Continued

The ‘what’ and the ‘how’

December 26, 2018 –  By Ben Gandy | Strategy is the “how.” Strategy equals the specific plans for hitting your goals and achieving your vision. The term comes from military use: The plans for defeating the enemy and winning the war represent the “strategy.” As you look forward, it’s essential to develop or revisit your organization’s vision … Continued

Doing the right things will set you free

November 5, 2018 –  By Ken Thomas | At Envisor, we have the privilege to work with landscape companies across the country. We are typically engaged as consultants to help our clients increase sales, increase profits, improve quality of life or a combination of all three. Our process is to help business owners identify their picture of … Continued

Leadership Advantage: Structure matters in maintenance

August 23, 2018 –  By Ben Gandy | Business structure matters. As businesses grow, questions come up about who to hire and for what purpose. When the business is small, the owner wears all the hats: He sells the work, schedules it, manages production, manages the client, collects the check and takes it to the bank. As … Continued

Leadership Advantage: Get out there

April 12, 2018 –  By Ben Gandy | The value we deliver happens in the field, on our customers’ sites. Unfortunately, the more you advance, grow and mature in this industry, the further away from the field you get. If you advance high enough, the only field exposure you get is what you can see from the … Continued

Leadership Advantage: An enduring differentiator

December 18, 2017 –  By Ben Gandy | The differentiator in highly competitive industries often comes down to one thing: customer service. In a competitive marketplace, we generally see one or two providers rising to the top. Consider the fast-food industry. There are fast-food restaurants everywhere and many players in this market. Currently, the leader in this … Continued

Leadership Advantage: Retaining to grow

April 4, 2017 –  By Ben Gandy | Ensuring great relationships requires effort. Charisma and charm are great, but charm is not a strategy. Clients of landscape services are primarily looking for trust, expert advice, proactivity and effective communication. Trust is earned on two levels: honesty and keeping commitments. While few of us will blatantly lie to … Continued

Pricing Fundamentals: Fixed Price vs. Time and Materials

July 26, 2016 –  By Ken Thomas | This question of Fixed Cost versus Time and Material pricing comes up on a regular basis, as I consult with clients around the country. So, let me offer a few points on each. Time & Material (T&M) pricing describes a process where we do not give our client an … Continued