Why and how to fire bad clients

April 11, 2016 –  By Ben Gandy | In the landscape maintenance field, clients are like stock portfolios. Some yield great returns; others don’t. In either case, you’re spending resources—including crew time, equipment use and management attention—to keep them. Just as you should assess a stock portfolio periodically, you should assess clients to ensure you’re allocating resources … Continued

Organize production chaos

November 2, 2015 –  By Ken Thomas | I started my career in the green industry working summer jobs at landscape companies. After college, I threw out a hard-earned biology degree and entered the landscape business full time. During the early years, I learned and mastered all the field-level skills that helped me become a great landscape … Continued

The 4 Ps of Differentiation

August 6, 2015 | In all highly competitive industries, there are companies that somehow overcome all odds to rise above the competition. What is different about them and how can you become the company that leads your market in profitability, customer loyalty and employee retention? Ken Thomas, co-founder of Envisor Consulting, believes the formula for success … Continued

Life cycle of a landscape business

December 24, 2014 | Ken Thomas of Envisor Consulting discusses why some landscape companies achieve their dreams, while others struggle to get by. The life cycle of a landscape business goes through three main stages that closely replicate the life cycle of people, Thomas says. The big difference is that unlike a person’s life, where he … Continued

4 actions of great leaders

December 16, 2014 –  By Ken Thomas and Ben Gandy | Leadership starts with vision, passion and will, but what is it that great leaders do from day to day to be effective? 1. Communicate.Communication is hard. Learn to do it well. Great leaders communicate the why, the how and the what. Leaders have the privilege and prerogative to set the what: the issues, problems and opportunities … Continued