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Business and leadership presentations for the landscape industry

Ken Thomas and Ben Gandy offer a wide range of business and leadership presentations to the landscape industry. Please see our topics listed below.

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Recent Events

Speaking Topics

Lifecycle of a Landscape Business

Every phase of business brings its unique struggles and challenges. Envisor shares experiences and strategies in dealing with the unique challenges of each stage.

The Essentials of Business Success

Why do some companies become successful market leaders while others get stuck along the way? Let’s cut to the chase about what it takes to build a successful business.

The Value of a Good Mistake

We all have great success stories that make us look good. But the truth is we learn the most from our mistakes. Ken Thomas shares some of the biggest mistakes many business owners make and the lessons that will help you overcome some of the biggest challenges in business ownership.

Lean in the Landscape

Can lean manufacturing practices be used in landscape work? You bet. A lean culture can be an advantage that leaves your competitors in the dust. Get lean or get left behind.
The Gap Trap presentation

The Gap Trap

Unpredictable landscape sales cycles can crush hard earned results. Learn how to anticipate the ups and downs, and react to make the most of the opportunities and minimize the down side.
Start Clean Finish Clean presentation

Start Clean Finish Clean

Overlaying process in a chaotic environment makes sense, but where do you start? We break it down into discrete steps and outline the requirements of each step.