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Transforming Your Business

95% of landscaping businesses peak and get stuck in the adolescence phase without reaching maturity. It’s exhausting and disheartening.


Adolescent Company vs. Mature Company
Financial Security No - X Yes - Checkmark
Work/Life Balance No - X Yes - Checkmark
Industry Recognition No - X Yes - Checkmark



Our best practices bridge the gap between entrepreneurial, adolescent businesses and management-led businesses that can operate on their own with greater growth potential, predictable profitability, and better quality of life for you and your team.

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Are you struggling with growth, profitability or quality of life issues? How about all three simultaneously? You’re not alone.

Getting stuck can be frustrating. But, it’s common in this industry. Did you know that only 5% of landscape companies reach $1million in annual revenue? Of the ones that do, most struggle and get stuck, never achieving their business dreams! Unfortunately, the odds are stacked against you.

I understand that building and growing a successful landscaping business is hard work. Through our years of owning and operating businesses and through our consulting experience, my partner Ben Gandy and I have had the opportunity to look inside and under the hood of some of the finest landscape companies in the country. Through our experience, we have been able to identify a set of industry best practices that we call our Green Dot Operating System. Green Dot is a combination of Philosophy, Systems, Processes, Tools and Metrics that we believe are essential in building a successful business. Green Dot has been proven to help companies realize more Growth, Profits, Quality of Life and overall hope for the future.

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Ken Thomas and Ben Gandy, co-founders Envisor Consulting


Getting Started is Easy
Follow Our 4-Step Process to Transform Your Business


You Request a Consultation

The first step toward your transformation is scheduling a complimentary consultation with us.


We Conduct a Lifecycle Assessment

The Envisor team will work with you and your team to determine your company’s position along the lifecycle curve. Through our Assessment Process, we overlay our collection of business best practices over your organization to identify gaps and opportunities for transformation.


Your Success Road Map

Based on the Assessment, we’ll develop a customized road map for success that can be implemented over time.


Smart Partnership

We’ve learned that real, sustainable change is not a “one and done”, it’s a journey. At Envisor, we’ll partner with you to develop processes, mentor people, teach, coach, train and hold accountable to achieve real transformational change that results in growth or revenues, profitability, and quality of life.