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Business and Leadership Presentations for the Landscape Industry

Envisor offers a full range of educational content focused on business systems and processes, from years of experience in the landscape industry.

We designed our workshops and 2-day seminars for industry leaders and managers to introduce essential business best practices to equip and inspire participants to drive necessary change in their organizations.

Envisor is happy to accommodate presentations via video conferencing to follow COVID-19 protocols. Please call for more information.

Sample Topics

The Enhancement Process: “Start Clean Finish Clean”

Lead Generation and Tracking, Estimating and Presentation, Closing and Routing, Production and Close

Business Development Bootcamp

Qualifying, Presenting, and Closing New Commercial Maintenance Business

Account Management Masters Workshop

Most Popular Workshop

The middle management tier in the landscape industry is mission-critical to the success of the organization. Their ability to service, sell, and retain clients is paramount and their ability to train crews and manage the work.

Unfortunately, this group tends to be very underserved in terms of education and training. Most of these managers are given keys to a vehicle and a phone and told to “get to it.” They walk with all the responsibility and little or no “how to.”

Workshop Overview

At Envisor, we’ve owned and managed multiple companies, large and small. We’ve managed accounts and account managers, trained crews, and trained trainers. We bring practical, simple, and useful tools, ideas, strategies, and tactics to put managers in a position to succeed.

Attendees have overwhelmingly appreciated the down-to-earth knowledge and approach that we provide that they attend multiple times.

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Managing Clients
Managing Crews
Managing Sales
Managing the Work

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Who Should Attend

We designed this seminar for middle managers, including Account Managers, Production Managers, and Operation Managers. Owners and Leaders are also encouraged to attend.

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Envisor Consulting offers far more than best practices and industry-leading consultation services. Through the Green Dot Operating System, we’ve created a roadmap that simplifies, streamlines, and ensures organizational development success.

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